Here are some case studies. These will allow you to see the process I prefer to follow when producing something for a client. I think collaborating is important to a successful product. I want to get the general feel and idea from the client on what they are wanting. It's important to consider several things including (but not limited to) the color palette or theme, the demographic the product is aimed towards, the versatility of the final product, etc. All of these are considered and are of utmost importance to make sure the final design works for the client or company.

1st Cast Study, Baby Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation

  1. First, I sketched up some initial ideas on paper.
  2. I let the customer choose which idea she liked the best.
  3. We chose a color palette for the baby invitation.
  4. I started designing the basic shapes and layout on the computer. 
  5. the invitation was optimized, and print ready in the time frame stated.