A little bit about me.

Hello, my name is Brian Santiago - Hicks . I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Co. Ever since I was young, I have had a strong passion for the arts. I grew up taking several classes in drawing and painting. Throughout school, I excelled and received awards and recognition for my illustrations. I was a late bloomer when I started school for graphic design. Life threw me some curve balls, but I fought through them and finally enrolled in school to mix the two things I loved the most, computers and art.

     I love to conceptualize ideas and be able to make them tangible. When I approach a situation where someone needs me to design something for them, I don't go for the obvious idea first. I try my best to be creative, and really trouble shoot the situation to create the best outcome for the client. I understand that when someone invests in me, they are expecting a return.

    As a designer, I use everything I have been taught to come up with creative solutions to communicate to a variety of demographics. I create several possible solutions, and let the customer choose which one best suits their needs. I always keep up on the latest tools and trends to make sure the final product is modern and fresh. 

     When I am not designing, I am always studying graphic design books to keep up with trends, new tools and software, etc. I enjoy watching Ted talks on Netflix. I am a huge animal lover and advocate, and I enjoy cooking and making my own wine.  If you like what you see, please contact me to see what we can come up with. 

Brian Santiago - Hicks
"Eager and Hard Working" Graphic Designer
Colorado Springs, Co.
(719) 271-9798


Clients I have worked with

DeVine Winery,  Manitou, Co.
McGhee's Banquet Hall, TX.
Wishcuit, Littleton, Co.
BW Comics, Colorado Springs, Co.
Project Sunlight (Nationwide)
Progressive Insurance
Manitou Heritage Center, Manitou, CO.
Indian Palace, Colorado Springs, Co.
National Adventure Club, Denver, Co.                                                                         Herb & Juice, NC.

Luxe Beauty Magazine, Orlando.FL.                                                                           Deshawnd Management, Ny.NY